Company Profile

LeYou Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (LeYou Group) is an international game development and distribution company, a pioneer in the global multiplayer online game free model. Listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2011 (stock code: HK.1089), headquartered in Hong Kong, the fast-growing LeYou Group through its subsidiaries Athlon Games (USA), Digital Extremes (Canada), Splash Damage (UK) , KingMaker (Beijing, China), Radiance Games (Guangzhou, China) and invested Certain Affinity (USA), all for the development and publishing of multiplayer online games.

LeYou Group has always focused on AAA-level multiplayer online games on PCs and consoles, adhering to the “Game-as-a-Service (GaaS)” operating philosophy.

LeYou Group’s flagship product, Warframe, has won numerous awards. Since 2017, it has been ranked in Steam’s best-selling game Platinum List (TOP10), and there are also several upcoming products based on Transformers, Civilization Online, and The Lords of the Rings and other prestigious IP-base AAA multiplayer online games are under development.

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