Warframe is a sci-fi AAA action shooting masterpiece developed by Digital Extremes. As a free game, Warframe has pure American hardcore sci-fi settings, movie-level graphics, multiple super heroes and action shooting combat experience, hot and cold weapons, fighting assassinations, showing the infinite innovation possibilities of TPS games. Since 2017, it has been ranked in Steam’s best-selling game Platinum List of the Year (TOP10)

2.Dirty Bomb (PC)
“Dirty Bomb” is a free shooting game developed by Splash Damage and published by Warchest. It was launched on Steam on June 2015. The game is set in London, England, after mysterious radioactive attacks and evacuation. It combines tactical elements, fast-paced movements, and multi-game character settings. Players can choose different characters and combat styles, combat skills, etc. to create a team comes to fight.

3.Up-coming product
1.Civilization online
Developed by Guangzhou Radiance, it is a multiplayer online game based on Civilization IP, licensed by Take Two.

On August 3, 2017, Leyou Group acquired a number of certain intellectual property rights in Hasbro (the “Transformers” property rights, including related logos, copyrights, and roles and their respective portrait rights (sometimes called Transformers Generation) to develop, promote, market, and publish through designated distribution channels (including e-commerce websites and services, including but not limited to Steam (operated by Valve Corporation), PlayStation Store (operated by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC), Xbox Live Arcade (operated by Microsoft), Amazon and other websites and channels approved by Hasbro) sell and publish licensed games.

3.The lords of the ring
Athlon Games, a game company owned by Leyou Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (Leyou Group), announced that it will work with Middle-earth IP holder to create a large-scale construction based on JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Multiplayer online games. The game will be set in the Middle-earth of the “Lord of the Rings” novel, and the story takes place before the original main story. It will provide a new, immersive epic gaming experience that will allow fans of Middle-earth to experience the wonders of the world of the Lord of the Rings.

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